Decorative Accents


Richwood Exterior Finishings offers three elegant shutter styles to create the perfect fit for your home. We offer classic styles like louvered, raised panel and board and batten in a broad range of colors that are factory finished to ensure quality and consistency. And if down the road, you decide that you want to change the color of our shutters, they can be painted with a high-quality latex paint.

Window and Door Accents:

Constructed of low maintenance, weather resistant materials, our classic window mantels and door surrounds add a grand design statement to accentuate your home’s exterior.


Gable Vents are a functional additional to the roof of a home. Gable Vents allow heat to escape in the Summer and prevent the formation of condensation during the Winter. Gable vents are available in round, square, octagonal, half-round and rectangular sizes in a myriad of colors to accentuate or match your siding. Utility Vents allow for proper airflow in a specific area of the home. Utility Vents are available for garages, foundations, range hoods, dryer vents, bathroom exhaust fans, furnaces, fire-places and soffit.

Mounting Blocks:

Designer Mounting Blocks provide multiples uses, including the ability to easily and attractively mount light fixtures, water faucets, receptacles, and the like.


Monticello Aluminum Columns are designed to deliver the best of both worlds. Luxurious style and unsurpassed strength. With classic designs you’ll be able to give your home the look you’ve always wanted. And, with the ability to support up to 42,500 pounds per column, Monticello Aluminum Columns have higher load-bearing capacity than wood or fiberglass columns.

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